About The Basil Bee

I’m 30 years old living in South Jersey, and married to the most amazing husband! We recently bought a new home and in the middle of 20384 gajillion DIY projects-Anthony is super handy! I'm taking on the roles and duties of wifey and I wanted to embrace that more and really learn how to cook, which has become my new passion the last few months! 

When I got engaged (and he’s Italian), I learned that “gravy” (not sauce from a jar) has so much more flavor than I ever imagined, and it’s all about finding the right seasonings and being able to control the flavor, which I never really paid much attention to! I love using fresh ingredients, and I like to experiment with different tastes and textures. I try to keep my recipes lower in fat but still tasting great. 

Things that I love...
my hubby, Hailey, wine, cheese, Jack Johnson music, flipflops, hooded sweatshirts, reading, baking, traveling, sushi, queso, getting mani's/pedi's, running, surfing, Uggs, cooking, Will Ferrell movies, The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, reality TV (Real Housewives, Bethanny, Top Chef...etc), Netflix, scrabble, beach, finding new cookbooks,  and sweet tea vodka!

A big thank you to my amazing hubby Anthony who has supported me through my egg spills, wrong ingredients, and other cooking/baking trials and errors I have surpassed. And another big thank you to my friends and family whose inbox's I overloaded with pics! 

I hope my journey will help you fellow home DIY attempters and other novice chefs to enhance your cooking experience and make taste buds smile!