Monday, August 23, 2010

Novice cook and Novice Blogger intro

Welcome to my first blog, The Basil Bee!!  Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I got to this blogging part of my life... I’m 27 years old living in South Jersey, getting married in February, and recently bought a new home with my fiancée and we love wining and dining. I wanted to embrace that more and really learn how to cook, which has become my new passion the last few months! When I got engaged (and he’s Italian), I learned that “gravy” (not sauce from a jar) has so much more flavor than I ever imagined, and it’s all about finding the right seasonings and being able to control the flavor, which I never really paid much attention to! I love using fresh ingredients, and I like to experiment with different tastes and textures. I try to keep my recipes lower in fat but still tasting great.

My favorite hobbies are cooking, reading, traveling, running, surfing, reality TV shows (Food Network , Bravo, Cooking channel, etc...) and my new hobby of blogging with you so I decided to combine them all. and I'm thirsty for a great recipe book. There’s so much out there that I don’t know and I just want to embrace it all, hence , the creation of my first blog. A few of my friends have the same passion for cooking and learning all this stuff too, so you will be meeting some friends along the way throughout my blog...

So driving to work this morning, I’ve decided to stop overloading my friends inboxes with picture messages with things I’ve made over the weekend and the status of how my new garden of NJ tomatoes are growing and I just post it here and track my cooking historical events as I progress! I feel this will be a great way to organize recipes, get advice, share tips and most of all, share the love for cooking at the same time. 

A big thank you to my amazing fiancée Anthony who has supported me through my egg spills, wrong ingredients, and other cooking/baking trials and errors I have surpassed. And another big thank you to my friends and family whose inbox's I overloaded with pics! 

I hope my journey will help you other novice chefs to enhance your cooking experience and make taste buds smile! 

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