Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oven-less this weekend so posting Kellie's dinner from Friday!

I’m so sad to say I was unable to cook over the weekend, not because I was too busy or was nervous about attempting these recipes, but I came home Friday night to yet another hole in my kitchen, and this time it involved the removal of my oven!! My thoughts exactly! It needed to be re-centered and we are getting a new microwave that sits on top of the oven to give me more counter space, but Ant didn’t advise me prior to when he was going to do this and of course on his day off, he decided to demo. Of course all this week I’m thinking what to make for dinner without the oven. I  can’t even make garlic bread!
So my best buddy Kellie from North Carolina shared with me today what she made on Friday after she had emailed me asking for some ideas to make a fun and tasty Friday night dinner at home. Since I haven’t blogged yet from the weekend, I told her I was going to share this with all of you. So she decided to make it easy and use what was left in her fridge from the week which is fantastic and we all should do this instead of just wasting food and leftovers that we are all guilty of! Here’s what she wrote to me today…
I  made some enchiladas last Friday night. I did a twist on a recipe I already knew - I was trying to use up some ingredients I already had. So I made beef enchiladas. I cooked the ground beef with taco seasoning, then mixed in a can of cheese soup and some green onions and cilantro and a little taco sauce. Then I wrapped em in tortillas and put them in a baking dish and covered them with enchilada sauce, Mexican cheese and baked it. Then I added black olives, cilantro and some white saucy Mexican cheese. 


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  1. If I knew you were going to start quoting me exactly, I'd start making my recipie stories more entertaining! xoxo