Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dancing in September (like the song!)

Lots going on with The Basil Bee of late…

1. Back on Weight Watchers and back to the gym and after first week, down 5lbs!
Since our wedding in February, I gained about 15 pounds and haven’t been running or going to the gym as much so figured gotta get back on the bandwagon so my clothes aren’t so snug! Plus I have my  best friend Kate’s wedding in January and when we had our dress fitting, let’s just say I’ve had better moments, lol. So I signed up on WW online to help track and so far so good! It’s really a great site, and have you seen the commercials with Jennifer Hudson? She looks amazing! This does not mean I stop cooking or trying my recipes whatsoever, I just watch my portions and eating more fiber filling foods and veggies! So if you have any WW friendly recipes you’d like to share with me, please send them my way!

2.   Went to NYC this past Tuesday for the taping of The Rachael Ray Show 
My girlfriend Christine had just visited The Rachael Ray show (after waiting a year for tickets!), so after hearing her stories of the day she had in NYC, I went on RR’s website and submitted my email for tickets. There’s at least a 200,000 person waitlist and it’s a lottery based system, so figured I had a year to wait but I ended up getting tickets for their 4:30 taping on September 12th after 2 months so I was ecstatic! I brought along my mom and best friend Kelly. We got into the city around 11:30 am and had a wonderful Caesar salad lunch and vino at AperiTIVO, did some people watching, tromped around the city to Rockefeller Center and Time Square and then headed back towards the studio to stand in line. We ended up being third row on the aisle (to the right of RR in this pic) and it was just amazing! We had such a great time meeting her and seeing the set and of course the guests who were there! But to find out who it is, you’ll have to watch this coming Tuesday’s show on September 20th! Believe me, you will be surprised!

3. Heading to NC on Sunday for vacation at the beach! 
Cannot wait to sit on the beach or by the pool, with book in hand, sun shining, and cold drink in my hand! Will be with my mom and dad, my sister Erin and Kevin, my hubby, and get to see my best friend from Wilmington, NC, Miss Kellie Hill and her bf Matt! We have a house in Ocean Isle Beach, NC (about 30 minutes north of Myrtle Beach) with 5 bedrooms, huge kitchen, decks galore, private pool and just serenity! Will be nice to relax and cook with the family and run on the beach! Not to worry, my vacation will be WW friendly! At least I can still eat cheese and save points for vino!!!

4.  My hubby finished our family room!
The family room is done! Just had carpet installed and new TV purchased! It has been about a 4-5 month project and seems surreal it’s done! Anthony did an amazing job and I’m so proud of him-I have no idea how he knew how to do half the things he put in the room, especially our homemade bar! Next thing on our list is to have a cocktail party! Wahoo!

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  1. So when are Savannah & I coming for dinner now that the room is done?!?! LOL
    It looks awesome!!! I am joining WW online also! So we can have a WW friendly dinner together!
    We will miss you when you go away next week but of course feel free to use as your emergency contact for Hail Bail!