Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Italian Night with Lauren-Lasagna 101

So much to catch up on! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! This past Tuesday, 9/1/10, my girlfriend Lauren came over and we both attempted our first lasagna together after work. Word of the wise, leave lasagna’s for the weekends, it takes much needed  prep time and bake time, we didn’t eat until 9pm! But we kept each other company with wine glasses full and in hand as we caught up over weekly gossip! 

Anthony was our tester and we realized how much seasoning makes the difference. Just when we thought it was ready, we ended up putting more salt and oregano and made it much tastier! The lasagna came out pretty good for our first attempt. Two other things we learned was to use the appropriate sized baking dish and when you put foil on top of it to bake, make sure it’s not touching the cheese underneath, if it does, when you remove the foil ,you remove the top layer of mozzarella cheese too!

We also tried two different ways of making Caprese salads! Lauren used a premade bruschetta mix on top of mozzarella slices and I cut a tomato in half, made a bowl on the bottom piece and put layered diced tomatoes and mozzarella pieces topped with basil with balsamic and olive oil. We both forgot the salt though, which is a necessary seasoning for Caprese salads!


  1. haha this story is too funny. Good first memory of losing your lasagna virginity... messy, yet good - yes? <3 Kel

  2. Looks yummy! Congrats on your first attempt.