Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Va La Winery-Avondale, PA

This past Saturday over Labor Day weekend, the weather was absolutely gorgeous  and so Anthony and I decided to take a little drive to Va La winery about an hour from us in Avondale, PA. Va La is in the middle of farmland and so very cute! 

This was Anthony’s first winery and wine tasting and we had a fun time! They had a jazz band playing outside while serving visiting guests wood oven bistro pizza’s as we lounged outside in the lounge chairs/tables after the tastings. Va La’s home vineyard contains 6.73 acres and the produce about 500- 750 cases of (4) different wines yearly.  Our wine tastings were paired with baguettes, foccacia breads and different cheeses that really went well together. Below are the wines we tasted with their pairings...

La Prima Donna (2007)-this is white wine close to a Pinot Grigio paired well with fish dishes, white sauces, and Asian cuisine. They served this with locally farmed goat cheese with honey. I’m not the biggest goat cheese fan, but the honey made it so tasty! 

Castana (2006)-this is a light red wine great for grilled meats, Bolognese sauces and Mexican cuisines. They served this with a sharp goat cheese and like I said, there is a huge different between a sharp goat cheese and the one prior I had with honey.

Siranetta (2007)-This is a red blend Syrah, merlot, petit verdot, cabernet. This wine goes great with beef, lamb, and red sauces. They served this with a medium bodied cheddar cheese that was perfectly paired!

Mahogany (2008)-my favorite and their specialty wine with flavors evolving towards leather, coffee, and dark chocolates. Paired well with lamb, prime rib, reduction sauces and aged cheeses. They served this with Focaccia, sharp cheddar, and a chocolate truffle.


  1. this sounds absolutely delightful and divine, you must take me there!

  2. I am all about the food and wine! I have to visit some PA wineries one day, or should I say drag hubby down there! lol