Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bee in Training

Mwah! Leprechaun And Pot...Happy St. Patrick’s day my fellow bloggers! Hope your day is full of Kelly Green and Shamrocks!
I'm now going to jump ahead to April's Fool's Day...I wanted to update you on my upcoming 11k running race in Atlantic City-The April Fool’s run on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at 10am. You actually have the choice of running a 7K or 11K…I know what you’re thinking, a new twist on other races distances, right? I guess that’s why they are doing it on April Fools! A couple of my girlfriends decided to sign up to 
A. get our butts in gear for upcoming summer weather and 
2. Would be something fun to train together. 
I’ve been putting hours into the gym switching up my cardio and uppin’ my mileage on the treadmill, but since the weather has been breaking and feeling more like spring, I’ve ventured outside to run finally! I ran last Saturday the 3.7 mile loop around Cooper River Park in South Jersey and kept it under 50 minutes, which is great for me and I felt fantastic. There’s something about running outside in cool weather, while jamming out to Pandora and feeling strong and that you can keep running! This Saturday I’m attempting to run the loop again and add another mile. The 11K is just about 7 miles so I feel like my training is really starting to pay off and I feel great! I’ve been getting some great night sleeps, probably because I’m so exhausted from training but I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I’m thinking about getting the new Nike Free’s after the race to start running in, has anyone tried them? Any comments/feedback? Or should I just stick my Saucony’s?

Anyhoo, if you’re in the area and like to run, you should sign up! It’s only $27 and you get a free tech running shirt. You also get the chance to dress up and they will  be awarding prices for the craziest outfits! The link is below and let me know if you do sign up!
April Fool's Run-Atlantic City-April 3, 2011

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